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Artist Statement

My clients want to dare to think outside the box. Sometimes, they need a little encouragement, and I help them open to the flow of self-discovery, through visual expression. It’s truly an honor to be able to use my art and design skills to help my clients bring this part of their lives into focus. Just as I apply my paintbrush to canvas, I translate visual elements into defining who my clients are by sharing their brand or project with the world, with soulful intention. And that creates authentic impact. I know that when I create, I’m in my absolute truth. Each of us is unique. Whether it’s me and the way I interact with color and the canvas, or the way a client communicates the mood they want to create through a commissioned piece, this individuality makes a difference in the way we share visual expression. Working on that as a co-creator with each client is deeply personal, and I want each client to feel like they’re my only client at the time.

I’m driven by that, and by a deep desire to never stop exploring new ways to be creative, to refuse stagnancy, to stay in harmony with everything that brought me to this moment. I often think of my father, who believed with absolute certainty that I could follow my deepest passion and dare to be an independent artist. He believed that this harmony was attainable, that he saw something in me. Because of him, and the years I’ve spent practicing my craft and the fact that my joy as an artist keeps blossoming, I’m certain, too, and I hope my clients take something from that.”